Needle And Syringe Exchange Programme (NSEP)


This programme is an initiative to control the spread of HIV through the use of drugs via injection. The Risk Reduction programme that is introduced by the Government comprises of two components:

  1. Needle And Syringe Exchange Programme (NSEP) has been conducted by NGO’s in around 17 sites
  2. Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) is performed by Public Hospitals and Clinics around the country

These two programmes are only effective if they are implemented alongside other Risk Reduction Programme packages as follows:

  1. Communication, education, and information regarding HIV/AIDS infection, Hepatitis C and B, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and the danger of the abuse of drugs.
  2. Counseling related to risk reduction, psychosocial problems, spirituality, dan behavioral changes.
  3. HIV, STD’s, and Tuberculosis (TB) screening.
  4. Anti-Retroviral Treatment and health care.
  5. Support, referral, and follow-up services.


  1. To help minimize the rate of HIV/AIDS transmission among the drug user community.
  2. To provide care, support and improve the quality of life for People Living With HIV/AIDS.
  3. To help reduce discrimination of the community base on ignorance & lack of information.
  4. To provide educational, training and counselling programmes on HIV/AIDS, Harm Reduction and safer sex practices.
  5. To develop a resource centre for the dissemination of information related to HIV/AIDS and Harm Reduction.
  6. To serve as a catalyst in HIV/AIDS and Harm Reduction related activities and provide the linkages between educators, community leaders, NGOs and various government agencies.